About Us

Springfield Olympiads is an Educational Organization which aims at building competitive spirit along with a focus on developing healthy academic competition among children at the school level.

Springfield Olympiads was established by leading academicians with the aim of promoting science, mathematics, computer education, English, General Knowledge, and professional courses.

In a world that is growing on the Science and IT sector, it is important to think about the present generation and that they shall be the leaders of tomorrow. For the development of the scientific and IT talent, it is significant that regular qualitative and quantitative assessments are taken at both, national and international level.

Springfield Olympiads's integrity and commitment towards the fulfilment of its objectives have been lauded by many schooling establishments who have directly benefited from its informative, informative and evaluative programmes. For the future, Springfield Olympiads has several additional innovative programmes lined up, which promise to bring concerning a shift within the approach to education and preparation for competitive programs.

The Springfield Olympiads serves as a veritable forum for the qualitative dissemination of information and knowledge on the newest advances in science and technology, humanities and sports etc. Conducting workshops, interactive seminars and conducting Olympiads and publication of informative, non-curriculum study material for school children are presently an important a part of Springfield Olympiads ads portfolio.

The Springfield Olympiads strongly believes that such Olympiads, apart from bringing out the most effective within the participants, also facilitate them gain confidence for competitory with the best around them and within the country and internationally and contribute to temperament development. Also, recognition of advantage at associate early age is certain to infuse a definite sense of accomplishment that encourages them to try and do even higher as they advance in age.

The students are exposed to a variety of complex problems which demand a high level of analytical ability and proficiency in the use of various concepts from a cross-section of subjects, thereby invoking ingenuity in dealing with them. Since admissions to various professional institutions like IITs and Medical colleges are given on the basis of performance in competitive exams, such Olympiads also pave the way for a true understanding of the concepts that are so essential for doing well in these highly competitive exams.

Apart from the Olympiad activities, the Springfield Olympiads also conducts seminars, workshops, and teacher training programmes in various cities of the country.

Hence conducting workshops, interactive seminars and teachers' training programmes are at present an essential part of the Springfield Olympiads’s table of activities. This way the Foundation aims at bringing about a steady and speedy change in the very way education is currently imparted in the country.

The dynamic and competitive nature of the world has led to the need for further growth and development of young minds which is imperative for the expansion of the scientific and IT talent pool worldwide. Our mission is to provide these bright minds with a competitive platform in order to prove their mettle. To further this cause, Springfield Olympiads endeavors to: