Rewards For All India Rankers
Rank 1 Rs. 20000/- Each + Gold Medal+ Certificate of Excellence
Rank 2 Rs. 15000/- Each + Silver Medal*+ Certificate of Excellence
Rank 3 Rs. 10000/- Each + Bronze Medal*+ Certificate of Excellence
Rewards For State Rankers
Ranks 1 - 3 Gifts Worth Rs.1000/- Each + Medal of Distinction + Certificate of Distinction
Ranks 4 - 10 Gifts Worth Rs.500/- Each + Medal of Distinction + Certificate of Distinction
Ranks 11 - 25 Certificate of Distinction


  • The Finance Olympiad is a special curated Olympiad, made with a purpose to inculcate the habit and increase the knowledge of personal finances in a fun way.
  • Syllabus: This is a two level Olympiad:
    • First Level: Online MCQ consisting of 30 questions based on personal finances to be solved in a 1 hour duration.
    • Second Level: After Level 1, top 100 participants will be selected for the next round which is a team based round. 25 teams of 4 participants each will be randomly made. Each team will be given an assignment to design a business plan or a case study. These assignments will be evaluated by our panel of judges which will be announced soon after the conduction of 1st level of Olympiad.
  • Mode of Exam: Online


  • Certificate of Participation to all students
  • A Detailed Report analysing the performance will also be provided to each participant
  • Awards, Scholarships, Gifts, felicitations and much more!

Sample Papers