Our Mission

Provide the bright minds with a competitive platform in order to prove their mettle.
To provide a veritable forum for the qualitative dissemination of information and knowledge on the newest advances in science and technology, humanities, sports etc.
Conducting workshops, interactive seminars and conducting Olympiads and publication of informative, non-curriculum study material for all students.

Our Vision

As an Educational Organization our aim is to build a competitive spirit along with a focus on developing healthy academic competition among students.
To bring a concerning shift within the approach to education and preparation for competitive programs by providing several innovative programmes for all students.
To bring about a steady and speedy change in the very way education is currently imparted in the country.

Our Values

  • Stimulate healthy competitive spirit with the help of reward based contests and olympiads.
  • Promote student's participation in national/international programmes and events.
  • Establish a more interactive and practical approach to science and IT in the classroom.
  • Propagate knowledge and understanding of the latest developments in science and technology.
  • Function as a Centre of Excellence in the fields of methodical research, new educational tools, special publications and expert advice for different schooling institutions.